Annual Lay Ministers/Licensed Non-Pastor Trainings


Each year we bring in all the Lay Ministers and Non-Pastoring Licensed Ministers for the NC Church of God of Prophecy and meet, train and encourage one another.

Lay Ministers Application 2021
Background Check

It is time for Lay Ministers to renew their Lay Minister Certificate.

           The 2021 certificate will become void as of January 1, 2022.

We are asking each Pastor to collect the Certificates from the Lay Ministers at your local church and give your Pastoral Endorsement for renewal, then send both to the State Office. All certificates must be received in the NC Church of God of Prophecy State Office by February 28, 2021. If for some reason you feel that you cannot endorse a Lay Minister for the 2021 renewal, you must inform the Lay Minister and submit your reason in writing to the State Office.

If a Lay Minister certificate does not receive a pastoral endorsement, if quarterly reporting is not up to date, a completed criminal background check form and $10.00 processing fee is not included, or if the certificate is not mailed by February 28th it will not be considered for renewal until January of the following year. Please mail all documentation together at the same time to the State Office for renewal. The enclosed Lay Minister Application form is for NEW or IN-ACTIVE Lay Ministers. An In-active Lay Minister will need to be set forth in a business conference, be up to date on reporting, complete a criminal background check form including the $10.00 processing fee, and have a pastoral endorsement in order to receive a new Lay Minister certificate and be taken off the In-active file at the NC Church of God of Prophecy State Office.

Thank you for your assistance.